Monday, November 26, 2007

Florida Update

Ok, so updates with a few pics. We did have a great time- and I think we're both now well rested. Conrad got THREE NEW STATES! I was so excited- we went through MS and AL, of course- on Friday morning, my dad and uncle took us into Georgia where we ate at the Farmhouse. They were um, serving MULLETS?

I also promised a picture of us with the kayak. Conrad had to haul it up the stairs of the LOVLIEST Motel 6 I have ever stayed at. It was such a pit. I didn't even want to take a shower there- if he had not brought that kayak in, it would have been gone when we woke up. Here it is, cozy in the room!
I have sort of gotten myself a new brother. My parents semi-adopted a really nice kid from the town they live in. His name is Chestin and this is the first time I've met him. He's very nice- good sense of humor, fits in well... he is the quarterback of his high school football team and this year he's a senior. They are one game from going to state- the entire town is in an uproar- so excited. So I guess my brother is about the hottest thing there is in town. My parents never understood my love of the Dallas Cowboys. I was the first one standing on the couch, biting my nails and screaming- now, it's them... they go to all the games, even the away ones, rain, shine, hot or cold... and one of the playoff games was Friday night. We all went- and it was COLD. Here we are - oh and the Madison Cowboys won 45 to 0. It was a complete shut out. WOO HOO!

There are three schools looking at Chestin now- one of them is Middle Tennessee- football scholarships... he wants to turn pro. I would like that as well. We sat down this weekend and talked about ways he could somehow recognize me when he turns pro. The things I did for him, the ways I helped him out... and I told him I was going to need some sort of signal like- when he throws for a touchdown, I need him to like point to me in the stands or better yet, run over to where I'm sitting and point to me or something. We really had not worked it out when I left, but I'm quite sure he's still thinking on it ... oh, and I also said I would need free tickets. Duh.