Friday, November 16, 2007


Great sakes alive! By the end of next week I will probably be in the hospital nursing a nasty case of pneaumonia.

Turkey Day is almost upon us and yet, Houston is still in the blistering temperatures. When we left for Hawaii it was still Africa Hot here in town. We get to Hawaii and the time difference between the islands and the mainland almost did us in. We get back, to still blistering temperatures and have to deal with Daylight Savings Time (Hawaii did not change, so that REALLY screwed us up). Like a loyal employee, I got up and went to work the next day and darn near fell asleep in my "work station"..... then this past week I have to fly to Detroit- where it was a blustery 36 degrees. At night, it was like the air was just cutting through you. It felt like Chicago. Today I land in Houston- back to almost 80 degrees and then on Wednesday, we're heading off on our "southern road trip" to Florida to see my dad. GREAT SAKES ALIVE if the time changes back and forth don't kill us, the up and down weather I'm experiencing certainly will do me in. I feel like I'm 67 years old- no offense to all you 67 year old young people out there.

Ah- some good news. I don't want to JINX it, but it appears my dad has sold his house in Orange, Texas. It had been on the market when he first left. It never sold and my uncle moved to town- so he moved in and thank goodness- Hurricane Rita tore through there and did some damage. Uncle and Aunt Beth were there to be able to supervise all the repairs. Uncle accepted a job in Florida (yeah I know- uncle and dad always end up near each other) and so Aunt Beth stayed behind to sell the house. There was an offer accepted this week and if all goes well, they close December 20th. Merry Christmas to dad! Having two housepayments for three years probably wasn't fun.

Speaking of Christmas- this is the perfect time to purchase my dad's book- Shadows of the Prince- sold at - I will be happy to get him to autograph it for you and sent to you in time for Christmas. Really now- isn't that a FABULOUS gift???!!!!

Check out his website at

Much Love and Pneaumonia,