Friday, November 30, 2007

What's UP?!

I don't know whether to be flattered or offended...

You see- I looked in the closet the other day and realized I have NO winter clothing... and I really don't need WINTER clothing here in Houston, but you do need some pants and some long sleeve shirts and of COURSE I needed some skirts to go with my new super cute snakeskin (faux) boots. So I was looking through the closet and I was like WHAT did I WEAR last year? Didn't I have some decent black and gray pants? Where is that sweater- oh yeah- that's right- it's scratchy and I hate it. So anyway- I totally needed some new clothes. So I went to Kohl's. For $163 I walked off with several shirts, two super cute sweaters (one with sparklies!!!), two skirts, one pair of pants and one pair of gaucho/capri things.

So this morning I decided to wear the gaucho/capri things- they are brown. I wore a white undershirt and a pink long sleeve button down, but unbottoned. I paired this with my brown boots and came on in. My co-workers are acting like Britney Spears is in the building (cute Britney circa 1998- catholic school outfit Britney- not super trashy, no shoes in the Exxon bathroom- belly hanging out, circa 2007 Britney). There has been a distinct buzz in the air and people are stopping by my "work station" and saying things like - "HEY, you look PRETTY today!" or blinking rapidly and rearing back like something flew in their eye, they will say "Oh ... that's a really cute shirt... you look um- you look nice today."

Uh- thanks?! So I guess every other day of the week I look like ground hamburger. You never thought I was pretty before? Are you guys saying I am a total schlub who can not be counted upon to look decent most days. I'm not sure how to feel. I suppose I should just glory in being super cute today- maybe make a few unnecessary passes by the higher-ups offices at some point in the day- stop in, wave- look exceptionally busy and harrassed (cause then they'll think I'm stressed out and completely engrossed in my job). I mean dress for the job you want, not the job you have, right?!

My point to them, if it comes up, is LOOK Houston is like Africa 10 months of the year. I have no desire to put on layers of clothing, suit jackets and hose and come in here when it's 115 degrees outside and 91% humidity. There is absolutely nothing I can do with my hair that will keep in dry and in place, in weather like that- and hey, if someone could PLEASE fix the thermostat so it does not mimick weather conditions outside, that would be great. When it's 91 degrees outside, it should not be 85 inside... I think if we could get that fixed, I could make a little more effort to look nicer.

I don't know- now I feel all this pressure to be super cute everyday. I have to go home and take complete new inventory of my closet and decide what goes and what stays... and I need to find some comfy summer/business clothes- although I really think there is no such thing. I'm SO STRESSED OUT. Why does being beautiful have to hurt SO MUCH?!

I should go home and ask Blanca how she deals with the pressure day in and day out.

Super Cute and Hot in Houston,


Tracy said...

Just wanted to say that I think you are super cute and hot EVERYDAY!

Also, I only have 49 states - still lacking Alaska... I'm thinking Salmon fishing this summer!

Also - you were not crying over a stupid hamburger. That was just the trigger. You have had some huge life changes in the last couple of years, getting ready to undergo another huge life change, and you were driving away from your Daddy... You had EVERY right to have a breakdown...

Just don't expect Conrad to ever fully understand. Men just do not get woman and never will.. But don't worry, it's part of the "mystique" that draws them to us...

Love ya,

Dickie said...

oh tracey, you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO very right! You go girl!