Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back from the Sunshine State

We are home and we are tired!

I hope everyone had a nice Turkey Day- we did! We were so tired though. We left about 3:30 when it was all said and done on Wednesday- we drove all the way to Biloxi and stopped. We had to get out of Houston which took at least an hour in all the traffic and then of course, I-10 was shut down between Lafayette and Baton Rouge, which added over an hour to the trip. We stopped and slept at the worst hotel ever. I would have gotten more rest just going on and sleeping at 4 or 5 when we got there. We even had to haul the kayak up to the hotel room - ha ha ha! That was funny! I took a pic and will post it later of Conrad, Blanca and the kayak in the hotel room.

We had a great time. We drove all the way back yesterday- left Florida about 1:30 PM and pulled up to the house at 2AM this morning. We slept til about 10 and then got up and started the day. The new furniture is coming tomorrow, so I had to run get new sheets and all that... Conrad did some Christmas shopping... then this evening, we took the old bedroom suite apart and moved it into the den, temporarily... I am painting the old office/new guest room this weekend before we move in the new furniture. It occured to me this weekend that people will start coming around the house more and more as the wedding approaches, so we need to get some things done. We have lights to hang and rooms to paint- pictures to get hung up- we have lots to do before the people descend on the house.

Ok, well I am getting tired again. I took Monday and Tuesday off though so I have a nice few days to just chill out. I have a few wedding things to handle and a Christmas present or two to get for Conrad, but otherwise, a few more days off!