Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pics of Hawaii Part Two

Good morning. I have had my coffee and am ready to continue the story...

Ok- so upon arriving in Hawaii and taking our pic on the balcony- they had a welcome reception at 7PM. We were all dead tired- it was like midnight "our time" and we were falling fast- but they did have the cutest table set up... so I took a pic. I have some of these type tables available for our wedding reception- but I was going to have the restaurant just put them away- because I had no idea what to do with them- they have no chairs. Well, I know now! Everyone at the welcome reception just bellied up to the tables and had the best time and they are decorated well. So I am stealing the idea. Here's the table- clearly, I will not have Hawaiian print or ropes made of nuts, but you get the idea...

The next day, Conrad Hopkins was up and off like a shot to the spa. I had no choice but to follow him. I hemmed and hawed about the cost (which was TWICE what you would pay here on the mainland), but we had a $200 credit that the company we were with that said we could apply towards the spa- then Conrad decided to treat me to a facial as well. HOW SWEET IS HE? So I had a pedicure and facial and he had a massage and then a scalp massage... inbetween treatments, they put you in this room that was open to the ocean and had like lounge chairs and tea/water/fruit. You never wanted to leave... but anyway, later on, we went walking on the beach. I took a pic of our feet in the sand- you can kinda see my super cute new pink and sparkly pedicure (I got to use pink polish AND I had her overlay it with the sparkly silver glitter polish). I'm a total rock star.
This was also my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY in Houston... who knew the day I moved, I would be in Hawaii the next year, on the same day? Rumor has it next year's trip is to Spain and Morocco. I wonder if all my November's will be so wonderful...

We did spent SOME time in the pool- not as much as we wanted- cause we were sort of busy... Here is a pic of Conrad in the pool. I think we went twice. More often than not, we ended up walking on the beach - lured closer by a nice piece of coral on the beach and we ended up fully clothed, in the ocean- looking for coral and shells. We got quite a nice collection- coral washes up in HI just like shells do anywhere else. We got purple, white, green ... and we got some lava rocks too, which are my personal favorites... we were usually drenched when we climbed out... so it's really a miracle we got in the pool at all... here it is.

Now the blogger is acting up and won't post any more pictures- so you'll have to wait for more!