Friday, November 9, 2007



We're back in Texas. I meant to post from Hawaii, but we always seemed to be so busy with something.

We had a GREAT time- it was really wonderful and I even survived all those hours in an airplane with little to no problem. You'll be happy to know Conrad and I are still engaged and this little plane trip did not destroy our relationship.

So much happened and I took so many great pics. I promise to start updating with my daily report and pics from Hawaii- just today is bad day for it. We flew all Wednesday night- leaving about 10 PM Texas time and flew all night long. By the time we got our baggage and picked up Blanca from Strawberry Dog, it was 10AM on Thursday. We slept about five hours yesterday before I finally said I had to get up so I wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night last night, ready to go to work. So we got up yesterday afternoon and washed ALL the clothes- bless Conrad's hear t for staying up and finishing the last two loads- and we ran out to get some good ol' mexican food. We missed it so much!

So this morning I am still on Hawaii time- absolutely exhausted and I have so much work to catch up on. I'm glad I decided to come in today (Friday) so next week wouldn't be so bad)... so I can't write much more. I have a lot to do. Conrad is working from home today and we should get plenty of rest this weekend. I hope!

Ok- so all is well. Hawaii is VERY pretty and I got a new state. Only 9 left to go!!!

Oh and we found out next year's trip is Spain and Morocco... so we may just make that our honeymoon, even though it would be the same time next year.

ALOHA to you all- I will update again tomorrow.