Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Monday

Happy Monday!

I ended up having to work from home some this weekend, helping an emergency, so I sort of feel I worked all weekend. I ended up having to hang around the house Saturday afternoon and evening- and so I had to run my errands late that night. Yesterday I just laid around with a small migraine ... so Conrad went out to the gun range and shot his rifles. I felt like it may be a bit too loud and hot for me to go out there when I didn't feel well ... so I stayed back.

We watched our Netflix this weekend- I had gotten the movie, The Heartbreak Kid, with Ben Stiller. SO funny ... there is a character in the movie who is a little bit of a religious zealot and he called marijuana- "the devil's lettuce" ... we just died laughing. I am still laughing this morning. Pretty clever flick. Conrad wants to add it to our collection, which he almost never says ...

Mildly successful garage saling this week. Got a cute candle holder, some cool earrings, a brand new Pampered Chef piece in it's box, a beautiful Christmas ornament with tags, in its original box from a pretty fancy boutique and some "K" stationary ... nothing terribly exciting, but not a complete waste either.

Not much more to report from steamy Houston, Texas today ... just tired and have the regular Monday blah's ...

Hope the week goes fast for us all! At least the work part of it.

Also, of course, condolences to the family of Tim Russert. It was such a sad TV weekend. I watched the Meet The Press memorial show- and saw Tom Brokaw break down. Tim's son, Luke, was on the Today show this morning- it was a nice 15 minutes. It looks like he is ok ... but of course, I'm sure the sad moments come and go ... very sad. My thoughts are with them.