Friday, June 6, 2008

Cracker Jack

Last night on the way home from work, Conrad sent me a text and asked me to pick up a Diet Coke at CVS- I had to stop in and get my thyroid meds.

I went in and it was SO hard to just get the Coke and meds and go. I ended up stopping and grabbing a bag of Cracker Jacks. They remind me so much of my grandmother, who bought them for me all the time. Only back in the day, they came in a box, three to a pack and were taped together with a thin blue cord ... your grandma had to cut the top of the box off with a knife! Now, they come in a bag ... but they take me back, all the same. I shared them with Blanca and thought about my grandma the whole time. I miss her so much.

Today's Blog Spotlight: My Mom, Dickie Doran Boring

1. Please state your FULL name and your relation to me or how I know you ... Dickie Doran Boring, Mom (Correct!)

2. How and/or when did we meet? Aug 12, 1975 at 11:30 in the delivery room! (mmmm... I take issue with this one. According to medical science, we had been together a good nine months or so before Aug 12th)

3. What were your first thought upon meeting me oh! look at all that hair! and its black (Oh, is this a Vietnamese refugee joke?!)

4. Are you satisifed with our current relationship? yup (Excellent ... then I'm doing everything right; as if there were a doubt .... )

5. If no, then what I can do or what can WE do to improve it? move closer (I wish I could; but I'm married up now, and legally, I think I have to take his wants into consideration)

6. Are you happy? most of the time

7. If no, why not? issues..job..a health blip or 2

8. Do you drink? wine, once in awhile (Yes, wine, right?)

9. Do you feel you have a purpose? yes

10. Where do you live? Pinevile, SC..which is in the middle of nowhere (Yes, it sure is ... but I like it. I like that you live near the Quattle Mart! I mostly just like to say Quattle Mart. QUATTLE MART, QUATTLE MART!)

11. Name some of your hobbies, or all of them, whatever... reading, fishing, boating, LOVE go carts..playing with my doggies (I love to read too. I could hole up and do it for days and days and days at a time. I don't like go carts, because they make my hair smell like gas)

12. Do you think I'm funny? to the max (Good, A++++ for you)

13. Do you think YOU'RE funny? yup

14. Any kids?1

15. Do you like them? yes

16. Do I like them? I belive you have an upclose and personal relationship with my child (That I do; I adore her)

17. Care to talk about how you feel about the upcoming election? The candidates? The in-fighitng? The war? Boo Democrats, don't like McCain, too old, but no other choice (I agree with you. McCain scares me too. I don't like him- he reminds me of Bob Dole - who I REALLY don't care for. But you're right- he's all we got)

18. Do you think the Queen of England was rude for not responding to the invitation to our wedding? ummm sure (You don't sound conviced, are you on her side? Are you playing for her team?)

19. Were you surprised I was in my 30's when I finally got married? nope

20. Do you think Conrad is a lucky man? oh certainly and he has an awesome MIL (MIL in general is a scary word, for everyone. I'm glad both he and I lucked out in this department)

21. Chocolate or Vanilla? choc (No Abercrombie blood, so this does not surprise me)

22. Morning person or not? yup..up at 3:30 (Yeah, that is sick sick sick)

23. Are you addicted to anything- coffee, relationships, shopping, alcohol? no (not shopping? Come on .... )

24. Do you trust me? yes

25. Do YOU know your heritage? If so, what is it .... sorta, Southern gal, born and raised in SC and I miss my Mom and dad (SORTA!? I have not done my job correctly ... you are IRISH. But Southern is good too and I miss your mom and dad too. You have no idea)