Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am LOVING getting off work 30 minutes early. I was home yesterday by 5:30. On a "normal" day I would have been just getting on my second highway (out of 4) I use to get home. I was sitting on my couch at 5:30 and feeling like I was doing something naughty... and better than all of that was that my evening at home really DID seem longer, which is wonderful. I want more time at home with Conrad and Blanca.

We finished the puzzle! I don't know what in the world we're gonna do now. HA HA ... probably go buy some more and then send the ones we've finished to my dad. I think he likes puzzles- I KNOW he likes games ... so maybe this is a why we can recycle them. If anyone else out there likes them, let me know and we can recycle them to you too! It's actually pretty mentally stimulating - I really enjoy doing puzzles. Last night we were so close to finishing it, we worked as a team and no one called anyone any names. HA HA!

Anyway, it's Wednesday ... and I am HAPPY about that! I've already decided that Saturday is going to be a PHENOMENAL garage sale day and that I am going to find two fabulous and healthy meals in this cookbook I got from the library ... and that it's going to be a slow and lazy weekend... let's see if I can actually accomplish all of this just by brainpower, positive thinking and some prayer.

Also I've been thinking about the kitchen. If you've ever been in it, you know it's WHITE. STARK WHITE- I'm thinking of aging the cabinets ... Conrad and I talked. This is a WONDERFUL time to buy a house. We want a much larger one- maybe 2500 sq feet or so. It's a good time to buy an existing home and make a lot of money BUT it's a crummy time to sell one and we'd have to sell ours... plus we always sort of thought we'd build our "dream house" and stay there ... so I think that's what we've decided to do. We are going to stay put for now and make this house PERFECT for us ... which means painting the master bath ... and hanging some new blinds, maybe aging these cabinets- turning Conrad's den into a better den/bar/office ... perhaps putting some french doors on that room . Anyway- I saw this pic of someone's kitchen and I think the black looks good too ... and would look good with our wall color ... I think it will be fun.

Of course, ask me in a few months if it's all that fun ...



Jess said...

It's going to be so fun to personalize your house! I hope there will be many photos of the process.

Rebecca said...

You know, I might just need a puzzle in my life. I have been bored at night lately (what with no eating and drinking) and could use something to do. Thanks for the idea!

Barrie said...

Do you glue your puzzles together once you're done? Or just break them apart?

The Tomball Three said...

Some of them we glue, if we are hanging them- otherwise, pull them apart and give them to someone else!