Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Does anyone else feel like the world is ending?

Gas is almost $4 a gallon here, floods have taken out most of Iowa and some other states too- I heard a levy broke this morning somewhere in IL ... and now it's much worse than it was, it's hurricane season- can hardly wait to see what's in store for us there! ... China is under water too, Tim Russert drops dead at work, prompting an entire weekend of mourning on TV- which if you know me, prompted ME to have chest pains all weekend and also to develop a mild fear of the Thrombosis ... it's suddenly disappeared in the past few days. Why? Because I'm at work - not at home in front of the TV, watching illustrations of how and what thrombosis's are ... I heard that food prices, because of all the messed up corn crops are going to go through the roof. They said up 7% this year and another 7% next year ... the economy is in the toilet ... these just do not seem like good times to me. Maybe it's good this is an election year.

Today's Blog Spotlight: my former stepdad, Chris Woodie

1. Please state your FULL name and your relation to me or how I know you
christopher charles woodie, ex-stepfather ( Right! well ... kinda, you'll always be my stepdad)

2. How and/or when did we meet?
we met in the summer of 1986 when i was shackin' up with yo mama (oh ... how lovely. I'm sure she will LOVE reading that. HA HA! I remember that first summer full of Funyons and reruns of Dallas ... I have no idea why I loved that show so much. I never watched it before that summer or after. I also remember your sister Kelli coming to visit and some terrible cookies we made)

3. What were your first thought upon meeting me
i hope she likes me (I did ... but I think I was afraid my mom would like you more ... such are the thoughts of a little kid. I know, I know- she loved me DIFFERENT- JEEZ, beat it into my head, you guys ... )

4. Are you satisifed with our current relationship?
no (Wow, put it out there!)

5. If no, then what I can do or what can WE do to improve it?
communication (mmmm... you mean we don't have much of it? Yes, I know- I'm sorry ...)

6. Are you happy?

7. If no, why not?

8. Do you drink?
only on days that end with y (I would have answered this "only in groups of one or more")

9. Do you feel you have a purpose?
absolutely (Oh good... cause I need a purpose. Can I have yours?)

10. Where do you live?
Goose Creek, s.c. (Right again! The finest state in the nation)

11. Name some of your hobbies, or all of them, whatever...
guitar,bowling,singing,fishing (Interesting though, that none of those activities can really be done together- except for guitar and singing ... I would pay a lot of money to see bowling and fishing)

12. Do you think I'm funny?
Yes (Ah good, then you have not lost your memory!)

13. Do you think YOU'RE funny?

14. Any kids?
yep 4 incl steps (that's a lot of kiddos!- so clearly you HAVE lost your mind)

15. Do you like them?
very much

16. Do I like them?
at least 1 (Are you saying that I looooooove myself? Well you are correct! But to be fair, I don't know the other 3. I only met them maybe twice- and one was a baby)

17. Care to talk about how you feel about the upcoming election? The candidates? The in-fighitng? The war? hillary or obama-just say no (mmm hmmm ... mmmm hmmmm ... so McCain is your man then? Are you not concerned that he's over 100 years old?)

18. Do you think the Queen of England was rude for not responding to the invitation to our wedding? abso-freakin-lutely (Thank you for your support. I'm afraid some people think I'm over reacting about the whole thing)

19. Are you surprised I was in my 30's when I finally got married?

20. Do you think Conrad is a lucky man?
definitely lucky (Yes I think so too)

21. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate (and who says people from West Virigina have no taste?!)

22. Morning person or not?
Yes (oh no... you lost me there ... )

23. Are you addicted to anything- coffee, relationships, shopping, alcohol?
coffee,beer,cigarettes (that's a lot Christopher. Really? Cigarettes? I did not know that ... )

24. Do you trust me?

25. Do YOU know your heritage? If so, what is it ....
yes- irish/cherokee (Irish- hip hip horray! .... Cherokee ... me too! about 1/32 of it anyway ... you can't tell by my cheekbones, but I daresay were they not buried in CHUB, you could totally see mine ... )



Jess said...

Sometimes it kind of feels like the world is ending, or at least changing significantly. But then I look back at history. We have survived so many wars, so many economic issues, so many times of unrest. Hell, we made it through a holocaust. We'll get through this too.