Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Happy Tuesday!

I hope the week passes as fast as yesterday did. The traffic has been very light - I suppose because school is out; maybe a lot of parents have taken off on some early summer vacations. I hope it stays! I have been getting here early- at 7:30 which is when all my other co-workers start ( I usually started at 8) ... and they all got off at 4:30 (I get off at 5). Anyway, yesterday I got permission to go on everyone else's schedule. You have NO IDEA how happy this makes me. Getting this 30 minute head start literally takes 45 minutes off my commute. I am SO SO SO happy- especially since I get here at 7:30 anyway. Interesting side note- I'm the only one who did! The 7:30 girls slither in here anywhere from 5-15 late! I HAD NO IDEA! They are always here when I got here at 8. Anyway ...

Conrad and I have been working on a puzzle at home. We love them-they are so addicting. We bought it months ago and it has been sitting in a closet this whole time. I suppose I'll start looking at garage sales for more- and I'll only buy them at a GS if the wrapper is still on. There's nothing more frustrating than having a piece or two missing. But, we've been having a good time with the newest one we have. The last one we did, we modge podged and hung on the wall .. a few weeks later I found the POSTER of the puzzle at a garage sale, framed! HA! I think ours has more character, a story behind it AND we worked really hard on it ... it's hanging above the fireplace.

I WILL say that putting together puzzles sort of brings out the worst in us ... if there is a piece missing or hard to locate, the other person will blame it on the one not looking for it. If one person gets many pieces in a row, they will taunt the other one. There's a lot of taunting going on in the house these days!

We also got two more wedding gifts this week ... which was a nice and unexpected surprise. We thank you ... and I got my new debit card in the mail last night with my new name... I also filled out my passport information last night too. All I need to do now is get my passport photo taken- CVS and Walgreens both offer that service for $7.99 - so I'll do that this week and get that process moving.



Jess said...

I love puzzles. I only wish Torsten did too so we could do them together. My sister and I did them together all the time when we were growing up.

I love the new look on the blog!