Friday, June 13, 2008


A mid-day post to say I'm feeling sickly.

I think it may be Salmonella. You know I went to Ruby Tuesday's last Thursday night, June 5th and I had the tomato and mozeralla salad and I think I may be dying. I know it was over a week ago, but I have a slow metabolism and these things take time.

and NO Conrad I am not crying wolf! This not like those times I told you I felt like I was coming down with the West Nile or Tuberculosis- I mean it for real this time ... I've got the Salmonella.

My stomache is churning and when I cough I feel the urge to throw up. Is that part of the symptoms for the Salmonella? I think it might be. I'm not ALLOWED (thank you Conrad) to get on WebMD, or I'd look it up right quick.

For now, I am just regretting that salad... and thinking about the tomatos I found in the bin last night at home, that I threw away. I didn't actually TOUCH them, but maybe some of the Salmonella rubbed off on my hand or something.

I'll update you on Monday, if I've not been hospitalized ...



Jess said...

I hope it's not salmonella! But don't worry too much if it is. I looked it up and salmonella is usually just a bad form of food poisoning and is rarely lethal except in children, elderly people, and people who have immune system problems. So even if that's what it is (which is unlikely!), you'll be fine.

Feel better!