Thursday, June 12, 2008


Are you kidding me? I am cracking up- and no offense to you if I mention something you may have said. I am not directing this at any one person, but more to PEOPLE in general.

I have heard all over the news, radio, through blogs and through people I know how hot it is right now. I hear terms like Sweltering, Stifling, Africa Hot, Unbearable. Last night I tuned into David Letterman and he said it was "89 degrees and smothering" or something like that ... and I have to say WHAT? You think 89 degrees in unbearable? I tuned into the Gayle King Show on Oprah and Friends this morning she is going on and on about how NYC is hot hot hot and how they are running from one building into another and hailing cabs to take them mere blocks away ... the high today in NYC is 83 degrees- WHAT ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT?

Have you ever been to Texas? Ever lived here, ever visited? How about 93 degrees with 95% humidity ... why don't you come and visit awhile in Houston? You wanna feel HOT- how about walking outside and within seconds feeling like your face is being covered by a wet washcloth. THAT is hot. I would trade in my best friend (sorry Sunny!) for 83 degrees ... and this is considered mild by the way! People are already talking about how awful July and August are going to be. I think coming to Texas for a little summer vacation may make you homesick for your area REAL quick. Of course, you'll never want to go home- our cost of living is one of the lowest in the nation, 3000 Sq foot homes are going for $180K, our food is incredible, our shopping even better ... the state of Texas itself is made up of many different areas of topography- we have the piney woods, the beach, mountains, hillcountry .... we have lakes and rivers as well as the ocean ... "local cuisine" could be BBQ, seafood, wild game or mexican depending on what area you visit. It's like going to a different country just a few hours each way. So, I don't know- maybe you better stay where you are ...

Blog Spotlight: Adelle Hopkins- my mother in law


1. Please state your FULL name and your relation to me or how I know you.
Adelle Marie Hopkins (McKinley) - I am that ole wicked "Mother-in-law"! (Nah, I think I did well in the mother in law department. I love you. I can never imagine not feeling that way about you.)

2. How and/or when did we meet?
We met May 2006 for Mikel's college graduation in Greenville, Texas. Your future nephew, Keagan, totally surprised us all as when we were leaving the graduation. Of course, by this time he had become very friendly with you and wanted to ride in the same car and sit next to you. As we all got our seatbelts on and started the car (before we even backed out) he said, "Now, let's talk about my penis!". That certainly broke the ice?! (Yes, well- I knew then he was related to Conrad, who never seems to mind talking about inappropriate things or bodily functions. It's taken some getting used to, but it's also rubbed off on me a little.)

3. What were your first thought upon meeting me?
I thought you were beautiful and very considerate since you showed up with a gift for Mikel whom you had never met. Wow, we were all very impressed. It felt as if we were all good friends and had known each other a long time. (The beauty thing, I totally understand- I mean HAVE YOU SEEN ME? I've heard the story about the gift thing before and it confuses me ... because I was taught that you always show up with just a little something ... my grandmother would have rolled over in her grave if I had not)

4. Are you satisifed with our current relationship?
Very much so - you are my "daughter" - no ifs, ands, or buts! (Excellent!)

5. If no, then what I can do or what can WE do to improve it?
Not one thing needs to be changed.

6. Are you happy?
Yes, totally.

7. If no, why not?
Very seldom am I down in the dumps - life is too short. Usually by morning, I can pick myself up and move forward whatever has surfaced the previous days of my life. (Wow, then I need to talk to you. Morning is my worst time ... and Sunday's. I get very very down on Sunday's for some reason. I wish I was a stay at home dog mom)

8. Do you drink?
Occasionally! Here I am a good ole Baptist, but one glass or two of wine or Baileys Irish Creme w/coffee is very good for my soul! (ooooooo... I like Baileys too. I did not know this about you. I normally drink it in coffee, but there was once an incident where I was in a plane and had no choice but to drink it straight and FAST!)

9. Do you feel you have a purpose?
Yes, God has a plan for all of us or I truly believe we wouldn't be here to talk about it!!!!!!! (Sometimes I'm confused about what mine is ... but even then I don't want to be to GOOD at the plan, or my time will be over! HA!)

10. Where do you live?
Dallas, Texas - Good Ole "Oak Cliff" and I am proud of it!!!!!!! (I miss Dallas ... )

11. Name some of your hobbies, or all of them, whatever...
Sewing, Antique shopping, Crafts, Reading, Crocheting, Garage Sales, 1st Mondays @ Canton, and Cooking..... (I know my family will laugh at this one since I don't do a lot of cooking right now.) (You're a good cook!I liked your sweet potatoes ... and you know I love, love, love garage sales!)

12. Do you think I'm funny?
Yes, but I don't think you actually try to be funny sometimes - it just comes out that way along with the look on your face. (Sometimes I try!)

13. Do you think YOU'RE funny?
Not generally, but my Mother's nickname for me was "Lucy" (from the Lucille Ball show) from as young as I can remember. She said I did and said things like Lucy did on the show. (oh, so maybe you're just clumsy ... HA HA HA)

14. Any kids?
Yes, 1 boy and 1 girl - both are totally awesome. (Agreed)

15. Do you like them?
Very Much - I would never have sent them back - Even during the awful "teen" years - these years were a breeze and very delightful!!!!!!! (I thought Conrad was declared something of a saint and you 'never had a moment's trouble from him')

16. Do I like them?
Yes, there is one of them listed above that you actually "love" and married recently! (Yeah. I did)

17. Care to talk about how you feel about the upcoming election? The candidates?
The in-fighitng? The war?
Won't say too much - but wish that Obama and Hillary would battle it out and get it over with or even destroy each other and then we have only one choice. Mind you that I am not saying that any of the candidates stand out dramatically at this point - we certainly need and could have had better choices all the way around. The War - I wish we had done our job over ten years ago, but at this point we had no choice but to attack. These people do not want to be "civilized" so I believe our job is done and some of the Troops should be pulled out. I am afraid this War will continue into 10 years like Vietnam with not much to show for the time period spent there. (Well, now we know Obama has dominated over Hillary - but I still don't care for McCain either .... I don't know what we're going to end up with. I'm thinking we should all pack up and head to Europe)

18. Do you think the Queen of England was rude for not responding to the invitation to our wedding?Yes, I do! She should have the best etiquette behavior than even the President of the United States. Mostly, because she is a woman and that she is in such a position of honor and privilege. The world has watched her for many years and she has a reputation to uphold. This is not a good thing - this was a simple task and she certainly had staff that should have completed this task promptly on her behalf. What a shame that she missed out on such a beautiful, fun time. (I KNOW! I would have thought she would have at LEAST sent a regret ... but nothing.... AND we had to pay $1.86 for her stamp! Worst $1.86 Conrad ever spent)

19. Are you surprised I was in my 30's when I finally got married?
No, but I didn't know you until you were in your 30's. (Good point ... but you missed out. I was even more charming, if it's possible, in my 20's. Of course, it could have just been the beer.)

20. Do you think Conrad is a lucky man?
Yes, you are the perfect mate for him. (I have told you this several times!) ... (Yep...)

21. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Vanilla? What is vanilla - what are you thinking????? There is no other flavor but CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! I told you on the phone the other night that I had a huge slice of chocolate cheesecake made by Father Gerald - I wish I had brought some home - OHH it was soooooo good! (OMG! There is no flavor but chocolate. Plus vanilla is sort of a sudo-flavor. It takes on the flavors of things added to it. Who wants that?!)

22. Morning person or not?
Morning - my brain scrambles after 11:00pm, but when my feet hit the floor in the morning, I am ready to go. (Ugh. You lost me here)

23. Are you addicted to anything- coffee, relationships, shopping, alcohol?
Cokes - trying to cut back, but it got pretty bad for awhile. I am embarrassed to say that I could drink a 2 liter in two days all by myself. I know that it is not good for me and I have made some changes. I have one 12oz Coke every two days! But, I am drinking more water! I have to say that I am addicted to my husband of 37 years. What a ride I've been on thru the years with this man. I would love to have another 37 years to share with him and even then I probably would not know everything about him?! (oh well then ... I see where Conrad gets his Coke addiction. I can't KEEP the stuff in the house. It comes in and goes just as quickly. He's running me into the poor house, truth me told ... and as for Mike- are yoyu saying he is such a mystery that even another 37 years would not reveal his secrets? I'll be thinking of ways to make him talk ... )

24. Do you trust me?
Yes, Yes, Yes!

25. Do YOU know your heritage? If so, what is it ....
Don't remember much. My daddy used to tell me the percentages of my heritage, but all I can remember is 1/4th Native American Indian and 1/8th Irish. (Well, as you know, I never met your dad ... but he sounds delightful. I like a man who knows his heritage- you hear THAT Conrad?! ... This makes Conrad 1/8 native american ... which is more than me. I think I am 1/16 .... neither one of us got the beautiful dark skin ... I can see the Irish because I SWEAR both of your have red in your hair ... maybe I should have Conrad's blood tested. All I know is that Nana was concerned about Yankee blood, but I don't think you have any of that ... or maybe it's so watered down by this point ... )



DeeDee said...

you are making me homesick!!

Jess said...

89 degrees is definitely WARM but the heat wave we've been having? Try 98 with 50% humidity! It's 89 degrees today and it feels like NOTHING.