Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Morning!

I'm trying to be cheerful- I hate Monday's! Also I only slept maybe four hours last night. That happens every third or fourth Sunday night.

I had a TERRIBLE garage sale experience on Saturday. There were people out with sales, but there was nothing worth buying. At one sale, all he had was FOSSILS. YES. Fossils- with index stickers on them. I assume he was some sort of retired professor. But I would think he would have donated them to a school or museum when he was done with them. It was rather disturbing. Wonder if there is some law about that ... I would THINK so.

Anyway, I got away with a bag and an old set of Good Housekeeping cookbooks. They are actually small magazines, from l967- one was Christmas, one was casseroles, desserts, cooking basics, sides, etc ... and they all fit into this white, plastic Good Housekeeping thing. I assume this was something you wrote away for- and collected each piece. The lady sold them to me for $2 and they were her grandmother's- never used. I'm going to check out their value on Ebay - it's not something I'd really want to keep for myself. EDITTED TO ADD: Just found them on Ebay! Here's a pic ... they are going for $10. Not a bad return. I'll list mine this week, and I have the full set- this lady only has 1/2.

The rest of the weekend was laying around, putting together a puzzle and completely blowing off my new way of eating. I didn't do too great with that- but back on the plan today! I think it's a lifestyle change more than a DIET- so I suppose I'm expected to break down and be bad once in awhile. I really did fine until yesterday- when we went to Johnny Carrino's ... and I'm not sure how one behaves oneself there when you get bread, salad and a meal. SO- I just went with it.

I hope you all have a good week!

No Blog Spotlight today. Let's give it a break, shall we?