Friday, June 13, 2008

Let the Games Begin

I'm carpooling! I think over 50% of people in our office are. I encourage you to do so as well. I'm thinking if half as many people drive, then half as many people will buy fuel and then they will HAVE to drop the price. I don't know about you- but I have better things to spend my money on. Yesterday I was upset about the price of something else (priced at $2.24) and I said "It's half a gallon of gas!" ... and it shocked me. $2.25 is about half a gallon- we haven't QUITE reached the $4 mark yet, but it's coming .... so for now, I'm carpooling. It's less boring and makes the commute go by quicker- so I'm pleased with it!

We went to Target last night hunting new puzzles- but we couldn't find any good ones. They were all fantasy puzzles that almost looked like something out of Harry Potter, or kittens or villages - not interested. I'm looking for nice pirate ship or something. I HAVE to do puzzles that I like ... something I find interesting- otherwise, I lose interest.

Blog Spotlight: My Best Friend, Sunny

1. Please state your FULL name and your relation to me or how I know you
Sunny Le'Ann Bolin Alaniz, best friend, met you at Commonwealth Land Title (Correct!)

2. How and/or when did we meet? about 15 yrs. ago at our job (Yes, again correct... and I don't know why you had to say 15 YEARS AGO- putting my AGE all out there for the people. If you MUST know, I got that job at Commonwealth when I was 10 years old- making me a vivacious 25 year old)

3. What were your first thought upon meeting me--young & goofy, haha (um... I was never, ever goofy ... )

4. Are you satisifed with our current relationship? NO, I need you here in Dallas with me! :(
(I know ... I didn't mean to move away ... blame Conrad. I do.)

5. If no, then what I can do or what can WE do to improve it? You & Conrad move back t take care of me & my kiddos (I would move back to Dallas in a heartbeat, if I could. I'd take 105 degrees over 93% humidity any day!)

6. Are you happy? Not so much

7. If no, why not? Massive life changes (Yeah ... those are tough and I am concerned for you)

8. Do you drink? Used to, thinking about taking it up again (I suggest Hurricanes and a nice trip to New Orleans!)

9. Do you feel you have a purpose? um, NO, trying to figure that out

10. Where do you live? Red Oak, Texas

11. Name some of your hobbies, or all of them, whatever... my children steal my hobbies but I enjoy movies, friends & good books (Yes, this is why I choose not to have children. If someone were to interupt me whilst I was reading a good book, I'd go homicidal and they frown on that, during child rearing)

12. Do you think I'm funny? Completey Mental, I mean hysterical (You're really letting your true colors shine through here Sunny ... I am not MENTAL; but if I were- I have a LIST of people to blame. )

13. Do you think YOU'RE funny? um, sometimes

14. Any kids? 2 you are their Aunt, surely you now that!

15. Do you like them? Sometimes

16. Do I like them? Yeah cause you don't see them often enough (Ha Ha. You may be more right about this, than you know- and I can not BELIEVE you would talk this way about those precious angels)

17. Care to talk about how you feel about the upcoming election? The candidates? The in-fighitng? The war? The democrats are idiots!!! (yes! Correct!)

18. Do you think the Queen of England was rude for not responding to the invitation to our wedding? Well of course, does she not know who you are??? I mean come on! Let's go over there & Get HER! (I know. I don't think she does know who I am .. and frankly, with my recent name change I don't even know who I am)

19. Are you surprised I was in my 30's when I finally got married? No, I've seen the others & I'm glad you never married any of them, whew! (Amen sister ... I'm not so sure any of them were WORTHY to tell you the truth.)

20. Do you think Conrad is a lucky man? Sure & Crazy TOO (Are you saying he would have to be mentally challenged to have shackled himself to me for the next 40 years?!)

21. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate always, migraines & all (Good answer)

22. Morning person or not? sometimes (Let me assist you with this one. NO. YOU ARE NOT. EVER)

23. Are you addicted to anything- coffee, relationships, shopping, alcohol?
I've been addicted to many things. Now, it's a.m. coffee. I would like to be addicted to shopping but I need $. (You should try garage saling. It helps me get my "stuff" fix and then I can turn around sell it on Ebay or at garage sales when I am done with it. Good recycling!)

24. Do you trust me? With my LIFE! Accept when Payton said you threw Michaela in the pool (6 mos old) and tried to let her drown. Still not sure what was up with THAT!!! (Payton, in her younger years, was quite the yarn teller. I don't want to come right out and call a four year old a liar, but if pushed, I WILL! I put water wings on her and I HELD the baby in the pool. At no time, was anyone not being suspended by plastic or by me .... and no, I am not referring to myself- nothing on me is plastic.)

25. Do YOU know your heritage? If so, what is it .... UM, Remember, I am heinz 57, the best of the mixes!!! I believe German, Irish & English but basically MUTT!!! (Um, southern is the correct answer here. What is UP with all the Germans?!)