Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sugar Plums, Sugar Cookies

Today I am back to being totally cute. I LOVE WINTER!
I am wearing a black sweater, gray trumpet skirt and black boots... people have been commenting on it AGAIN. I really must be a complete bum in the summer- a vision of ultimate distress. It's hard to dress well when it's so hot outside and walking out to the car to go to lunch causes a heat stroke. Who cares about how you look when you feel so awful?

Ah well... speaking of looking awful... my eating is out of control! Sugar plums- sugar cookies, whatever- Christmas is a baaaaad time of year for me! I have Conrad's birthday, Christmas parties... Christmas potlucks, not to mention cookie swaps and all that. It's a nightmare and destroying my diet! Now I have gotten hooked on making sugar cookies at night and drinking hot cocoa (made with milk!) before I go to bed. I have been watching Paula Deen obsessively and dreaming of all the lavish spreads I could make and parties I could hold... I HATE her! This is the time of year when I wish I had kids... I only want some for like one month out of the year... I want them to get in the kitchen with me and make cookies and all these cool Christmas cakes. I finally came to the conclusion though that HOLD UP- Conrad has two nephews (soon to be mine). I can always borrow them... Keagan is old enough. He's 6. I wonder if he'd want to head to Wal-Mart with me later this month to get some green food coloring. I bet he would be a willing party to help me mess up his mother's kitchen and create something fabulous for the family. You never know, it could become tradition. I could start taking over Mikel's kitchen and children for one day a year... I don't think she'd mind... the only thing is, I can't see 16 and 14 year old boys ( in a few years) REALLY being all that excited to continue the tradition... and that would break my heart... but that's what kids do right- break your heart- so I REALLY would be experiencing parenthood first hand. AH YES- this is a BRILLIANT idea. I am going to talk to Keagan about this STAT! But let's take this farther - what if Keagan and Kamden LOVE cooking and baking and it becomes their life's work- and they get rich like Paula Deen or that Art Smith that Oprah is so fond of. OMG- then we would all be SET for life and they could like put dedications to us in their cookbooks. SHUT UP- I need to talk to Keagan RIGHT NOW.

Anyway- back to my little problem... It's almost like I have forgotten I'm getting married in five months and will be showing everyone I've ever known in my life, and all the people our parents have ever known - all those cookies I scarfed down this season. My leg? No- no that's not a LEG- that's a bunch of chicken wings I ate during football season at Buffalo Wild Wings- OMG, have you tried their nachos!? My arms... yes, those are my arms... I know they look like they are ringed with Krispy Kremes, but what's a girl to do in Biloxi on Thanksgiving morning- nothing else was open! (GROAN ..... )

I had to physically MAKE myself go home and cook last night. All I wanted to do was go home and grab my partner in crime (who is NO help when it comes to willpower, by the way) and head to the nearest Chuy's for their delicious jalapeno ranch dip. YUM-O!

But instead I went home and started frying bacon immediately (because if I start dinner, I'll finish it- no waste!)... for BLT's... and that is what we had. All the while though I was thinking about those blue corn enchiladas and sugar cookies. I am SO sad.

Today I am going to lunch at Wal-Mart so I can pick up some Curvelle. There was an article in First about this month - it's like the holistic soution to that awful Alli thing that came out earlier this year. It's supposed to curb carb cravings- I HOPE so! I never met a piece of bread or a bowl of chips and hot sauce I didn't like.... so I am going there to pick that up. Sadly, Taco Cabana shares the parking lot- I'll try to navigate my truck back on the freeway, but for me, Taco Cabana is like a beacon of light in a dark, scary storm.




kkmom said...

Karyn--you can totally have Keagan, Kamden and my kitchen whenever you want. I think you can totally hook Keagan if you can figure out a way to make camo cookies!!!