Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Day-After Christmas

Hello to you all!

I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas and got to spend time with friends and family. Conrad and I had a great four or five days. We exchanged gifts on Friday- he got me lots of things like DVD's and cookbooks, but he also got me a new digital camera which I desparately needed and the most beautiful Tahitian pearl earrings to go with my Hawaiian necklace.

We had a nice trip to Dallas. I think we both got sick. My worst day was Christmas Eve, but I seemed to get over it quickly... Conrad is not feeling well today- his is his throat. Just weather changing, etc... but we both had a nice Christmas with his family in the Dallas area. I finally got my long awaited covered casserole dish/dutch oven... I also wanted a cake stand with the top. Got that one too! I had been looking for a long time for one I liked and this one is beautiful...

I will post some Christmas pics this week. Keagan and Kamden had a nice time too, I think... although we were not able to bake our Christmas thing we had planned too. I still did some pies and dinner was delicious yesterday. I also got to see my neighbor, Toni, from Richardson. We had a nice day together on Sunday.

All in all, a fabulous holiday!