Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Secret Santa

Well... the day has arrived! Today was Secret Santa Day # 1. We have three all total. There are 21 people participating and now I can tell you- I drew my BOSS.

I was in a momentary panic mode the day I drew the name. My boss is the BEST, nice lady, fun, great personality, etc... but she has expensive taste and I wasn't sure I would get it right. We did fill out a questionaire and it had stuff like Do You Think Gift Cards are Impersonal?... and she answered " Depends on who it's coming from- hint, hint"... which meas, "if you work for me, you KNOW me and I better not get an impersonal gift card" . OH THE STRESS!

Anyway- I figured it out and today was a HIT!

My first gift was an LSU plate. She is a DIE HARD fan. She has season tickets and bleeds purple and yellow, God bless her. So I went to Wal-Mart and got one of those clear holiday plates for a buck. I went to work and printed off pictures of the team during this season- pics of the National Championship a few years ago and also I did some text art with like Geaux Tigers and Angie's Team to personalize. This weekend I decopuged the plate.. painted the back black to fill in the holes and dated it. I bought a plate easel and painted it too- and gave it to her today. We have a $30 limit- so this present cost me about $2 and my time... not bad.

I had someone sneak it in her office while she was talking to us this morning. When she got back to her office, the screams filled the building. She was SO excited. She showed everyone- I saw her walking the halls for an hour with this thing in her hands... she showed everyone and said that the person who did this is creative as all get out and is getting a big RAISE, HA HA HA.

Anyway- it was creative and it stressed me to the max. I didn't want my present to look "homemade" but it actually turned out cute as could be. I heard her tell someone she wanted one for her dad- so guess what- I am back to Wal-Mart tonight to get another plate and start on that...

Oh- here is the pic I promised yesterday.

Still makes me laugh.