Thursday, December 6, 2007


I think I'm starting to freak out.

After the cake tasting and last visit to County Line, I just sort of stopped working on the wedding. AGAIN. I need to do a little bit of shopping for like the bubbles and things- I need to get some shoes, etc... there ARE things I could be doing, but for some reason, I guess Christmas or something has happened and the wedding has taken a backseat.

I am starting to get concerned about the minister- we still don't have one, although there are several options. I've dreamed every night this week about not having one. We get to the wedding and everyone is having a great time- then when we get to the reception part, I realize we never got married and we can't find a minister. This is completely freaking me out. I emailed Conrad's mom today and said we gotta get this cleared up so I can sleep again!

Not much more to report than that... Conrad is going Christmas shopping this weekend. I have Blanca's Santa pictures to handle. We have the Dane Cook show for Conrad's birthday tomorrow night - I'm in Philadelphia next week for work and then his birthday is Tuesday... we also have my Christmas party, mine and Conrad's business potlucks and then Secret Santa here at my work. There's just too much going on.

Aren't we all supposed to start fresh on January 1? How can we when we're so exhausted from December?



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