Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tis the Season

I have really nothing to post about today.

The only thing on my mind is work related stuff... I have a problem or not even really a problem, but I have something going on here that bothers me a little bit. I'm trying to deal with it without being a ninny and at the same time, watching others and following their lead.

We DO have our Christmas party tomorrow night- the company calls it the Year End Dinner... so that starts at 6:30 and they are letting us out about 2. So I'll have time to get home, let B out and then get ready and go. Conrad will meet me there- he has something going on tomorrow that will prevent him from coming home early.

Otherwise, that is all that is going on with our little family. I still have done NO wedding planning, but if we get a Christmas bonus this year, I will start on that right away... I was waiting on some funds to move forward on a few things. If that bonus kicks in, then we will be full steam ahead on many of the items on the list. I haven't even opened my wedding book in what seems like weeks.

Shame on me. Either I am lazy or a true low-maintainence girl.