Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Update

Ha Ha - Weekend Update like Dennis Miller (God bless him) used to have on Saturday Night Live.

There's uh- really nothing to update. We did go to the Westlake Chemical Year End Dinner (don't you DARE call it a Christmas party!) Friday night. We had been warned by many that it was lame, but it wasn't.... it was really pretty great. Everyone was all gussied up and happy to be there. The food was really good and it didn't last too long. I enjoyed myself.

Saturday/ Sunday were basic errand days although Conrad disappeared AGAIN for more Christmas shopping (keep 'em coming Conrad)! ... I have one more gift for him that will be purchased tomorrow. I had to wait for it to be available and it's not- til tomorrow. Am I giving it away?

I found this online today- and it's pretty dog gone funny. Britney- goodness gracious. Her behavior is really very bizarre... I also found another one of her in this terrible bikini/ dance outfit with a bucket of chicken next to her... KFC because nothing but the best for Britney! ... there is also a dog popping on a dress and in her hand is a bag of "Celulite Crispers"... and she is smoking a cig - pretty funny stuff. That Britney is a class act.
That one made me laugh too.
Perhaps tomorrow, in the spirit of Day 1 of Westlake Secret Santa (there are three days ending with a potluck) I will post it. I think the bucket of chicken thing made me laugh the hardest. Everyone knows how fond I am of poultry- I can't believe it was allowed to be maligned in such a way...
Tracy- might I suggest Britney as your ZERO of the day in an upcoming post of yours....