Thursday, December 27, 2007


Go Here...

It's Adobe Flash, so I can't save mine and post it here... but anyway, this site tells you your "perfect color" by your birthday... and also tells you a little about yourself. My birthday is August 12th and my perfect color is Flamingo. The description of me is dead on. I don't know how they do it... the color name is hilarious.

1) When we were in Hawaii I kept seeing these flamingos. They had them all over the hotel property- and for some reason I kept telling Conrad, "Hey! Look at those cool pelicans!"... I have no idea why. I know what a pelican is. I know what a flamingo is... but for some reason, I have been getting them confused.

2) This Christmas we were back in the Dallas area and Conrad and his dad were speaking to me about those Spanish dancers. I said, "Oh yeah- flamingo dancers." Conrad says, "Um NO- they are flamenCO dancers". Whatever. I have never heard that in my life. I still say they are flamingo dancers. It makes sense to ME... I mean, flamingos with all their bright, flashy colors and feathers. Or is that a peacock.... ?

But for whatever reason, this appears to be my primary color. The one I should surround myself with... it's sort of a burnt orange, University of Texas color... OUCH! It's a good way to get killed in a Texas A&M family.

I don't know if it's just ME, but I would have thought a color named "flamingo" would be bright hot pink.