Friday, December 14, 2007


If any of you know my friend Tracy (from Castrol) she now has a blog as well.

I was reading hers the other day and she had highlighted God as her hero. As I alluded to yesterday, I'm going through kind of a weird work situation. Some hours it doesn't bother me and others I am mentally handing in my resignation. I think we are all feeling that way up here... so I read Tracy's blog and I started thinking that maybe I should be handling this with Grace and I'm really not. I want to be a manger one day or at the very least in a little higher position, so I should handle work trials and disappointments with grace and maturity not with pouting and resignation letters. But I have already been through one bad work situation in my past and I handled it with a resignation. At the time, it was really tough and my heart was broken. I felt betrayed and angry and hurt. I would have walked out that day, but I had to really think about it and not be rash. I did opt for the resignation and it was horribly painful... but with a little bit of time and distance between that time and now, I can see what I did was for the best... it started a chain of events I would not take back for the world. At the time, it was maybe looked on with a little bit of shock and WOW- she's immature, but I did it with as much Grace as I possibly could. I think handling change is good and getting through challenges is character building, but I do think that sometimes, your time is just up and you have to move on, as painful as it is. I felt that way when I made the decision to leave Dallas. I truly just felt that I would go no further there, as much as it was my home. I was too comfortable and my dad had told me many times that for whatever reason, somtimes you ARE supposed to leave and move on... there is no such thing anymore as security. There are no longer guaranteed pensions and 40 years of work and a gold watch at the end with one company.

I don't think resignation is the way to handle this situation- YET. However it has jolted me out of my comfort zone. I need to make a decision about what I want professionally and where I want to pursue it... and it begins with going back to school. My plan is now to start in January. We just got word we ARE getting the End of the Year Bonus, and we do have a 90% payback plan here at work for college... so I think I need to register ASAP and get this moving.

I also read somewhere or heard somewhere that God puts you where He wants you. Clearly, He wants me here- for whatever reason...

Enough reflection for today



Tracy said...

God allows these situations to arise in order for us to mature and grow in our faith and our life. Just the fact that you are reflecting this way shows you have matured. Just embrace where you are, and get as much out of it as you can.
The very best thing? You no longer have to go through these trials alone. Everything is better with a partner!

BTW - going back to school is the most awesome idea!! You are young enough to do it and change careers if that's what you want! Or, just finally get the recognition you need.

You go girl!