Thursday, December 20, 2007


The outrage over Lynne Spears parenting book is now all over the place. Everyone is wondering why on EARTH she would have ever set out to write such a thing. Does that family not have enough money? The only decent one of the bunch is Bryan. Oh, you didn't know about Bryan? That's because he keeps his nose clean- he's Britney's older brother. He shows up once in awhile in Vegas with her, but now I wonder if it's just to make sure she doesn't leave her children somewhere. *SIGH*

My topic from yesterday was: the book One More Day by Mitch Albom. I read it a few years ago and Oprah recently produced a movie that ran on primetime a few Sunday's back. A short summary is that there is a guy named Chick who had sort of a rough childhood- his dad left them and he grew up to be a major league baseball player (his dad's dream) got hurt, became a salesman and drank himself stupid. He is depressed and upset over not being invited to his daughter's wedding- so he drives back to his hometown and decides to kill himself. Upon arrival, in a very nasty car accident, he meets up with his mother. His dead mother. She's been gone nine years, but he spends an entire day with her- reliving the past. He gets the opportunity to apologize for stupid things kids do to hurt their parents, tells her he loves her... etc...

It got me to thinking that we all wish we had one more day with SOMEONE... and I was thinking that if that someone is still here with us, maybe you should send that person a little note or card or call them up, while you can- and share how you feel about them. It would be such a shame to wait until it's too late and then regret never saying anything. It may be the best present you give someone.

Merry Christmas



Dickie said...

you could make a Gator one for Brian..all those little gator faces are sooooooooo cute