Friday, December 21, 2007


Secret Santa at the office is OVER! It's sort of quiet here this morning, but we needed to catch up on our work anyway... my last two gifts to my boss were: a tote filled with a book, a pretty bookmark, a candle, a throw blanket and pillows... and then the one from yesterday was a basket... it had dish towels, a hot pepper dip bowl, an avacado shaped dip bowl and a homemade recipe book- I put in salsa, guacamole, queso and Mexican dip recipes. She loved ALL of it and she had no idea it was me! Now she's asked if after the National Championship, we can have a plate making party at my house- she needs to make three more for her family- and then of course, anyone else from work who wants to come. Sounds like fun to me!

For the gifts *I* got- I got a candle warmer one day, which I asked for. The next day I got vanilla candles and yesterday- I got a keychain with Blanca's image and her name lasered into it. It's the most beautiful thing. I opened it and immediately started crying. I also knew right away who my secret santa was- she also has a schnauzer. It was a good time. We really have a good group here.

Conrad is working today - and there's only one lady in his office today. He felt bad for her, so he's going in to keep her company. Now isn't he the sweetest one?

We get early release at 2:30 so it's off to home I go to wash clothes for the trip to Dallas tomorrow. Also tonight is our Christmas together. I can't WAIT!