Friday, December 7, 2007

Skinny Cow

I am halfway on the plan!

Last night after dinner ( I cooked at home) I told Conrad we are ON the plan. We need to walk! But the trouble is by the time I've driven an hour to work, worked for 8 hours, driven home for an hour and then some, I am SO DOG TIRED when I get in the door- all I have energy for is cooking dinner... I said you have to MAKE me walk. He said well once you go for about two weeks, maybe you'll start to feel better then you'll WANT to walk.

My Conrad... he is SO smart. That is EXACTLY what is going to happen. I will complain and cry about it for two weeks and then it will become commonplace, so I'll want to walk. I told him his JOB is to MAKE me do it. He's afraid he'll get in trouble but I said NO, you won't. You only get in trouble if you give in to my whining and say it's ok to stay home.

The plan begins tomorrow because tonight we are going to The Cheesecake Factory and also to see Dane Cook at the Toyota Center for Conrad's birthday, courtesy of ME. My friend Lori and her hubby are coming from Beaumont- it'll be a rip roaring good time!

So to begin my plan (the one I am going to kill today by being at The Cheesecake Factory), last night I had a Skinny Cow. It's an ice cream endorsed by Oprah and on the Best Life Diet by Bob Greene. Not half bad- I had the nutty buddy looking one with caramel dripping off the sides. YUM-O.

I highly recommend this healthy treat- something like 100 calories for a treat. They are even regular human sized. FABULOUS!

I'll report in tomorrow on the show, the dinner.

Blanca has her pics with Santa tomorrow. We are SO excited about that!!!!