Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back Up and Running

Good morning.

We are back up and running- back to work today! Yesterday was interesting ... I wish I had been able to sleep late, but I was keyed up about the storm. I got up at 5AM yesterday and so I guess that's good because I hit the pillow at 10 and don't remember anything until the alarm went off. I slept goooood.

So back to work today- and it's not all that easy to work from home. First of all, I didn't have everything I needed - like the fax machine, etc ... and second of all it is NOT easy to flip back and forth between screens with a laptop or to take calls all day on the cell phone. Something just felt weird about it all. I did decide at 11 to take a lunch break - so I went to Wendy's close to the house and almost drowned. It was raining HARD! ... and our little country roads can't hardly handle it. I made it back home but was drenched ... I also dropped off our August payment for Angel Food Ministries.

So anyway, just a lot of rain. Hardly any wind and a lot of television coverage which I think was useless ... but that's just my opinion. It never even formed into a real hurricane.

Today's model home pic is awesome ... it's this weird little side shelf built into the bathroom cabinet. I love it. If I was designing a house (and I think I will be soon) this is something I would consider doing- just because it's different and for once, something different can also be useful. You could stack a ton of guest towels and soap, etc .. here.

I'm going to HEB tonight to rake in the steals and deals!