Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here's a cute pic - Blanca with my birthday flowers from last week! She tried to eat them, but who can blame her, stargazer lillies DO smell good!

Today I have my first appointment with my new endocronologist and this is the first doc's appt I have ever looked forward to. For many reasons, it's been two years since I've seen a proper thyroid doc. But I want to ask him about vitamins, supplements, food, etc ... anything to help me with weight and energy ... and of course, they'll take my blood which I welcome, because then he can get my levels right and maybe, just maybe for the first time in three years I'll feel like myself again.

In other news ... you know the old joke about "you're turning into your mother"? Or the husband is told to look at his mother in law and that will be his wife in 25 years or whatever? Yeah- not with me. I just skipped that entire thing and turned SMACK into my grandmother at the ripe old age of 33. I have NO idea how this happened ... but it sure did.

Let me take you back to the early to mid-80's when I spent a lot of time in the summer with my grandparents. AH- good times! Lots of laying on the couch, lots of playing with my Barbie Dream House and LOTS of watching the Price is Right ... and of course Sesame Street, Mr Rogers, The Electric Company. Those were some GOOD times ... but the thing that would strike fear into my heart was when my grandma would come out FULLY dressed (not her normal uniform of this button down, thin, cotton robe) and announce to me we were going grocery shopping. Upon hearing that, I would wish the earth would open up and swallow me whole. Going grocery shopping with my grandmother was a NIGHTMARE ... she had like this system, this plan ... she would go to four different stores, it would literally take hours. She would say Bilo had the best meat, and Winn Dixie had good milk and Doscher's had the best produce and of course, Food Lion was good for everything else ... it was my absolute worst nightmare. I always wanted to point out to her that she probably would save money (in gas at least) by shopping at one store, but she wouldn't have listened anyway. She would look over the sale papers and make a plan for that week's shopping and I WAS spoiled to death- she always made me whatever I wanted ... but I know she shopped for dinners and lunches off that sale paper. I inherited a lot from her- her love of garage sales, and her keen shopping skills- she gave the BEST Christmas presents and frankly, I do too ... I bet if I tried, I could get a garden going in no time. I drive with my hands perfectly placed at 10 and 2- and I'm almost always sucking on a mint. I have a lot of her traits.

But then something terrible happened- fast forward to 2008, and my grandma has been gone for 13 years now ... and I found myself talking to Conrad about the upcoming week. The things we need to do around the house, errands I'm going to run, etc ... and this is EXACTLY what comes out of my mouth ... "Well, there was nothing good at CVS this week. But Wednesday the sale paper comes out and I can see what Kroger and HEB have going on ... I'd like to run down to Kroger and see about their meat specials and HEB has pretty much everything else. I never shop at Wal-Mart until Sunday because that's when they publish that week's sales ... so I won't worry about running down to see what they have until next Monday or so- but really I only get toiletries there ...."

OH MY GOD. Who is that talking?! Has my grandmother come back to life? Has she possessed my body? Why am I going to four different stores PER week, looking for the best deal ... and WHO told me that Kroger has the best meat? How come I just KNOW THAT?! OH MY GOODNESS. I've turned into my grandmother. If she hasn't possessed my body, I now have proof she is hovering very close by and influencing my every move ...