Friday, August 8, 2008

Lovin the Oven

Lord have mercy ... I just stuck my head in the oven. No, seriously ... I had to.

A few weeks ago I made the mistake of cooking some chicken on a flat cookie sheet. As the chicken cooked, the oil ran off into the bottom of the oven. We used the oven twice more after that and the smell in the house was unbearable ... it's not even something I can describe ... so tonight I tackled it.

But ... I didn't want to spend a ton of money on oven cleaner, PLUS I am sort of afraid to put chemicals in something I cook my food in. So I did an internet search and came up wtih a homemade oven cleaner.

1 TBS of dish liquid
1 TBS of lemon juice
2 TBS of bleach
1 QT of warm water

You put this on the offending stain and or all in the bottom of your oven and wait 45 minutes, then scrub like the dickens, rinse out and dry off.

So this evening., I had my head in the oven. Even with the door shut and oven turned off it smells worlds better ... I will NEVER make that mistake again! But the oven needed cleaning anyway - something tells me Conrad never did before I moved in ... and I also took the time to pull out the heating elements on top, soak the burner plates, scrub them and lift up the oven top and clean under the burners... and while I was at it, I cleaned the microwave too.

The oven looks brand new and it didn't cost me a penny!