Thursday, August 7, 2008


I hate being late for work. There were TWO wrecks this morning. Just as soon as I got through one wreck and started moving again, here would come another one. VERY frustrating!!!

I didn't get a chance to make it by Kroger or HEB because I hadn't seen the sale papers yet. I got them last night and will stop tonight on my way home. I've also gotten some cool coupons for Chico's and Steinmart for my birthday so at lunch today I'm going to head over to the Chico's clearance center. They usually have pretty nice shirts for $15- on sale from their normal $48-68 prices. I love their stuff ... I wear it until I can't wear it anymore. You remember my favorite black Chico's shirt that had started to fade? Remember I went to Wal-Mart and got some RIT dye and saved it?! Yes ... that is how far I will go to save a Chico's shirt. That shirt was $48 originally and I did pay that price for it- um, like five years ago!!!!

I was so pumped two weeks ago ... I had been looking FOREVER for a red shirt that Chico's sells. It's actually a regular item they keep year round- it's a long sleeve t-shirt and I have one in black and one in white ... I have wanted a red one forever and I didn't want to pay $48 for one. I was ABOUT to break down and buy one when I found one two weeks ago at a garage sale for $2. You better believe I grabbed and sprinted down those people's driveway. I've already worn it twice! Sometimes I am reminded that the things I really want are worth waiting for. That shirt means more to me for $2 than it ever would have for $48 and nope, they never ever send regular items they stock year round to the clearance center ... and now I am on the hunt for the turquoise one. That will completely my collection ... and any others I happen to run into will just be nice additions ... but my actual base collection will be complete.

I always tell Conrad that he should thank his lucky stars that he did not marry one of those "shopping" women and that I will absolutely hold out til the end, til my fingers bleed, before I pay full price for anything. I know when we went to CVS with me last weekend and we walked out with $42 worth of stuff for $6- he looked at me and said "I think I love you even more" ... yes, and he should ... I am going to be the ticket to his early retirement!