Friday, August 22, 2008

Safety Dilemma

For about three years, I have had my eyes on this safety pin plaque from Ballard Designs. I LOVE this thing and I have absolutely no idea why. In their catalog, they show it in a baby's nursery and also in the laundry room. I'm one of those people who sort of views the laundry room as more oppportunities to decorate ... nothing wrong with some paint and a nice curtain in there ...

I have always wanted this stupid thing and I have no idea why. Just one more thing about me that's like my grandmother- I have been waiting all this time for this thing to turn up at a garage sale. I frequently look at Ebay looking for one too. NOTHING ...

Then we walked into a model home about three weeks ago and there's the darn thing hanging in the model's nursery- and it looked just as good in real life as I thought it would ... and the salesman told me if we bought the house, he would make sure it stayed. DANG IT! We didn't buy the house ... and I KNOW it was the same safety pin because believe it or not, no one else on the entire planet makes it.

So this week Ballard's is having a 15% off Everything Sale ... and this safety pin is $49.00 ... and with the 15% discount, it will be about $42.00

I am about to break down and buy the darn thing- I got a $25 Mastercard gift card for my birthday and also I got $20 from Conrad's parents. DARN IT- I don't know what to do. I should probably just put it on my Christmas list and BEG for it.

Decisions, decisions ...