Monday, August 18, 2008

Epsom Salts

Ah ... the miracle cure.

I woke up on Saturday morning FILLED with motivation! I decided to paint the last alcove. There is one that you can see from the dining room (our dining room is red) and it has a bedroom on one side, a bedroom on the other and a bathroom in the middle ... and I thought since you could see it from the dining room, if it too was red, it would really POP. Boy was I right! I love the way it turned out. When it fully dries and it put back together, I'll post up pics!

Anyway- it took me the better part of Saturday to complete. At the end of the project I DID feel a little bit sore ... but nothing too terrible. Whilst I was painting, Conrad was outside cleaning the backporch. We decided to stain it- the wood had turned this really unappealing shade of GRAY ... it had never been stained and it's got six years of wear on it ...after we bought the stain, etc- we realized that FIRST you are required to clean it- with industrial strength wood cleaner. Um, WOW - it is no longer gray! The wood is a pretty, beauiful clean yellow wood ... we can not believe it. We can't stain it, however, until the forecast calls for 24 hours of no rain- and the next three days call for it. So probably we'll complete the project sometime this week when it's dry.

Back to painting- so I took two Aleve before I painted, three afterwards and a hot bath. It SO didn't matter- I could barely walk yesterday. I am in TERRIBLE shape ... clearly. I finally got up and went and got a massage - which almost KILLED me ... but the massage therapist told me that Epsom Salts was the ticket. I needed to soak in some for 30 minutes because it will help the lactid acid. Well Conrad is VERY allergic to epsom salt. The last time he used it, in college lab, his face swelled up like a blowfish. So needless to say, I was VERY careful with it last night. But I soaked in it, then got out and took a shower to get the salt residue out, got rid of the towel, etc ... Conrad is still alive and not swollen this morning and I feel 80% better. I was SURE I would not be able to walk today ... but it's fine. It hurts, but not like it did yesterday ... and usually day 2 is worse than day 1. Epsom salts are AWESOME- and they can also be taken internally for a laxative. I, uh, don't know about that ... but if you're someone who enjoys a natural cure ... there ya go.

We have decided however, this means we are very very out of shape and I know for me, especially, this is true. We're going to start walking ... and this week I have my first appt with an endocronologist in probably two years ... so I am very excited about that and about feeling better... for various reasons, all insurance related, I've had to see my family doctor for the thyroid stuff ... and this is the first time in a long time I'll be able to see a specialist and I'm really looking forward to it.



kkmom said...

Just letting you, I am trying to catch up! I just started at the beginning and I'm going back 'til I get to where I left off. I'm excited about the deck--we need to do that at our house.