Monday, August 4, 2008


I am a super saver!

Conrad and I went to CVS last night so he could see me in action. I had printed off my list from Money Saving Mom, I had clipped coupons from the Sunday paper and we were ready.

We got to the check out and everything totalled $42.08 and after coupons, and buy one get one free's were applied - we walked out with $6.86 out of pocket. YES. I am a Jedi Master.

We got cereal, Pop Tarts, medicines like Excedrin and Aleve ... we got shampoo and deordorant, etc ... Conrad was CRAZY impressed.

My friend Sunny from Dallas called this morning. Her husband tried his luck with my system at Albertson's this weekend ... (they were matching the Kroger Mega Event) and his total was $179.00 and after coupons, etc ... he paid $80.00 out of pocket. $100 off- SUPER SCORE. He is so excited, he's going back tonight. I am so proud of them!

Doing this system is not quick- you have to take the time to print and clip coupons and organize your grocery list and go through the sale papers ... but it only takes about an hour. Well, you can see that Jeff saved $100 on one trip- effectively, he made $100/hr. ... and I'm SURE they picked up stuff they don't need RIGHT NOW, but they will ... for instance, Conrad and I have 5 bottles of shampoo at home. But they were free or less than $.50 a bottle (brand name stuff) so why not get it and have it on hand- donate it to the church or homeless shelter, give it away to friends and family. My point is you might as well pick it up ...

Happy Savings!



Homemom3 said...

hehe we just started this, well we will be today and I'm hoping to really catch on. I'll be walking into walmart this afternoon to get my freebies and 15 packs of koolaid and purchase another All You magazine. :) So in all I'll spend $5 for the bunch, unless I find some other deal that I'm not aware of yet. (crossing my finger that I get my CVS Card in the mail today so I can do it there instead)