Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend Project

Ah ok ... I was able to download pics last night ...

This was the weekend project that nearly sent me to the hospital - ha ha ... but I had wanted to do it FOREVER ... our dining room is not closed off. When you walk into our house you basically walk into a hall. On the right is the dining room ... and it's got three normal walls- the fourth wall is the wall that makes the "hall" part ... so it's sort of an open dining room. On the left side is our little alcove that leads to the two guest rooms and the bathroom. The wall you are seeing here is the khaki wall (doesn't show well in the picture), but just know that directly opposite of what you are looking at, is our red dining room ...

So last year, we painted the three dining room walls red ... and the hall wall khaki (to match the body of the house) and I left the alcove white (as shown above), but I always did want to paint it RED ... to match the dining room. Sort of a contrast wall ... Then Conrad's sister gave us this lovely sign that says "The Love of a Lifetime" (old Firehouse tune!) for our wedding, and the red in it, I thought, would really POP if that alcove was red. So there ya go ... I decided to paint it this weekend ... I went ahead with it and it looks FABULOUS! If you go down to an older post- where I showed the invite my Aunt Robbie did for me (the framed wedding invitation) you can see the whole dining room.

I watch a lot of design shows and red is a popular color, however on the resale shows they always want the homeowners to paint over it- they say it's to "personal" of a color ... and they make them paint over it. But I don't want to. When the house goes up for sale. I want to leave it as is.

This is the reason we're working so hard, by the way ... this is all for resale. Well, so we can live in a pretty house too- but we already know we won't be here in a year .... we just want to do all the projects we need to do NOW instead of getting a laundry list from a realtor and having to pack into into a month. The deck will add value, the custom paint will add value, the new fridge, all the upgrades we are doing- Conrad added a sprinkler system and gutters ... all part of our evil plan.

Anyway- enjoy the before and after!