Monday, August 25, 2008

Aunt Karyn

I was going to post this morning about our marvelous deck renovation. We got it done because after five straight days- the rain finally stopped. THAT was my workout for the weekend!

BUT. We interupt our regularly scheduled program to announce that I'm going to be an Aunt ... and yes, I realize Conrad has two nephews and I am now their aunt ... but I mean, a flesh and blood aunt. MY SISTER IS PREGNANT.

What a whirlwind these past two years have been. First Bonnie gets married, she buys my house and I move to Houston. Then I get married and now a new baby ... life moves fast.

So, I imagine somewhere around May we'll hear the pitter patter of Little Karyn Jr's feet ...

...and to those that are asking - NO. This does not make me want children of my own. There is no jealousy. No envy. No longing. Nothing but happiness for my sister and happiness for me now that the pressure is off - to make my dad a grandpa. Way to go Bonnie!

So I imagine these next few months will be filled with painting what used to be my old room (my sister bought my house in Dallas) with nursery-type things, buying baby clothes, going to and arranging showers and heading to Dallas in the middle of the night when the call finally comes.

My only prayer is that Bonnie was kidding when she said if it was a boy, they were naming it Johnny Rocket.

Congrats and welcome to the family Baby Abercrombie-Christensen!