Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Update

Monday - Zumba 1 hour
Tuesday - Water Aerobics 1 hour

That's it folks! I feel like POO. After my attack Thursday night, docs visit and then Kelley and I had dinner and took in CATS which has to be the WORST musical on the planet - I went home for a Friday night attack. This time it was 1 AM until about 7AM. I did everything but rip the gallbladder out myself. Going to the ER vs. getting a doc to give me an ultrasound and scheduling a surgery is going to be ump-teen more times expensive  - that is why I am not writing you from a hospital bed.

I called my dad Saturday morning and he said if I was REALLY going to wait for my doctor then this weekend I needed to eat like an old person ... and by that I mean oatmeal, jello, plain chicken, baked potatoes with nothing in them - NOTHING GOOD.

I guess Saturday morning I slept from 7AM to 11AM. I then went back to bed from 3PM until 9 this morning It has been MISERABLE. I have been eating just bland, icky, yucky foods and so far no other attacks. I think this proves I have gall, not kidney. I am still worried then about why I would have had blood in the urine on Friday - but I guess that could be anything, even an infection.

So this weekend has been MISERABLE. I am STARVING and just got out of bed from another 3 hour nap. Tomorrow I intend to BEG for an ultrasound. The pain is unlike anything I can ever describe. So yes, I hardly worked out after Tuesday. It has been a nightmare week in terms of feeling good and doing my best at work and showing up on time. It's all I can do to get a good nights sleep and wake up on time.