Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My mom and Brian lost one of their babies this week. This was Duke - 12 year old German Shepard. I always said he reminded me a little bit of Scar from the Lion King - he was always looking at me out of the corner of his eye, all sneaky like. I think though he was just protective of my mom and he was always wondering who I was - and what I was doing there. Through the years (10) I guess he got used to me because the last few visits he mostly ignored me. Basha, the almost 200 lb "doggie" is the one that seems to think he is a lap dog and NEVER leaves me alone. :) 

I just wanted to send Duke a shout out and tell my mom and Brian I am sorry. I know when Blanca had cancer last year it nearly sent me to my knees. I still routinely check her and I am forever taking her to the doc for weird things that I never used to. Just like people cancer, once you have it, I don't think you ever let down your guard again. I remember the sadness and how sick I felt. Duke wasn't sick, I think he was just an old guy and he lived a long and happy life. Those dogs have the LIFE at my mom's house - with the land and deer and all kinds of doggie happiness. She, like me, is a belated doggie mom and like me, we are SUPER good at it. Doggies under our care are VERY lucky !!! You can tell cause he is smiling in his picture here.

This wasn't meant to be a sad post and I'm sorry if my mom gets sad reading it. Just a shout out cause we needed to send him off well- and I pray for lots of healing and things like that for my mom and Brian.


RIP Duke (1999-2011)