Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Update

Monday- Zumba- 1 hour
Tuesday- Water Aerobics- 1 hour
Wednesday- Off
Thursday- Nightclub Cardio- 1 hour
Friday- Off
Saturday- Housecleaning 1 hour/ Wash Car 30 Minutes
Sunday- Off

So I am really disappointed I didn't do more. I wanted 4 classes last week. The problem was Nightclub Cardio KILLED me. It took me two days to recover and be able to stand up straight. It got my back, big time. One of the errands I ran on Friday was to go get myself a sports bra. I think it will help. I put it on and jumped around Friday (like we did Thursday night) and the difference was a palpable ... I had no idea.

Wednesday was a planned off day. Friday was too - I had taken the day off and I wanted to run ALL my weekend errands on this day because I didn't want to do it on Saturday. I did grocery shopping, library, Petsmart, CVS- I got a facial and I went and got my sports bra.

I wanted to go to water class on Saturday but my back was still killing me. I laid in bed and said you know what? I want to spend the day with Conrad - but the house must be cleaned, etc. So I would normally not count housecleaning, but it IS a fat burning activity and after I was done scrubbing and vacumming and sweeping and dusting, I was pouring down sweat. I spent the day with Conrad- even if it was at the baseball card shop, LOL - and I wanted to cook a nice dinner from scratch so I did!

The day I am feeling bad about missing is today - I should be up and running on a treadmill or something (no classes on Sunday) but what I REALLY want to do, on this, my last day off - is drink coffee, watch Paula Deen, read my library book and go through some pictures of houses I cut out - for when we meet with the builder again this week. Yeah the treadmill would only take 30-45 minutes, but I just don't feel it today. I am going to do what I want today (or I WILL start hating the gym) and get back on the horse tomorrow.

I did REALLY well with three classes this week. It's right on target for me - and better than most people ... so I'm going to try not to feel bad about it!

Zumba tomorrow!