Friday, April 22, 2011


My surgery will be at 7:30 AM on Monday. We have to be there at the butt-crack of dawn, but I'm glad it's scheduled. I am SOMEWHAT nervous, but not like I thought I would be. I am relatively calm and just enjoying my last three days where I can get off the couch without grunting. I heard the little holes they punch into you are pretty sore for about 3-4 days and you sort of have to ROLL off the bed or couch.

I met Dr. Brown yesterday and he was GREAT. I made the absolute right decision in canceling my appt with the other doctor. Dr. Brown has the BEST office staff and they really got me in very quickly. He is a doll - and I could be great friends with the girls in the office and who knows - maybe I will be! .... the story with the other doc was that - my family doc found a surgeon in Tomball and told me to call. I called the next day and the woman on the phone was INCREDIBLY rude. I told her I needed to get this done and he was booked until late next week. I asked if I could at least get in for a consultation before the end of this week and she just kept saying, "Ma'am - go to the ER" ... and I asked her how long I would be out of work and she said she didn't know, the doc would tell me. The way she had it set up I would see the doc at 3 on Tues and be operated on the next morning. I had no time to get to the grocery store to get my family settled, no time really to tell my boss how long I would be out, no time to prepare my desk - because according to the lady the doc MAY or MAY NOT operate the next day. She was just rude and I felt rushed and I felt like I was bothering her. So I googled some docs and Kelley pulled the approved list of surgeons from our insurance and I found a doc that matched both lists and he had great reviews - and when I called to make my appt with HIM, his ladies were SO NICE to me --- and I just felt 100% better about it. If I had gone with the other doc, my anxiety level would be through the roof ... and it's not, so I know I did the right thing.

After I had gotten home and into some jammies, of course I was called back and told to go to the hospital and get my EKG and my bloodwork done. So at 4PM yesterday I was out there rushing around. It was quick and I wasn't even freaking out like I thought I would. The results are what they are and everyone told me this was standard stuff ... so now we just sit back and wait!

I dropped Blanca off at the groomer today to get her taken care of. When I go pick her up, I'll run to the grocery store first and stock up for next week. I don't expect to be driving until maybe Thursday. Conrad needs cokes, we needed some toilet paper and household stuff- and I am picking up sandwich stuff, soup, frozen pizzas for me. Tomorrow I will hit the library and stock up and that should be it!

I go back to work on Monday the 2nd- and late that afternoon I have to go back to the doc and get my staples out. He also told me I can work out from now until surgery - so I am going back to my water class tomrorow and he said since water is so low impact he is ok with me going back to THAT in about 10 days ... and he said Zumba has to wait maybe 3 weeks. I am ok with that too!

I sure could use some prayers though - for uncomplicated sugery, easy recovery and that all my friends and family won't be too worried. Most of them don't seem to be! It helps me when they aren't all scared and nervous!