Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So I caved and got the sonogram. I probably should have been at the ER Thursday night - but I've been toughing it out. I am SO scared of the results. They are telling me it will be 24 hours, so I opted for the early appointment today so I could find out HOPEFULLY early tomorrow. But docs never work on our schedule.

I was scared - but it was painless. Until she dug her wand into my right side. THAT almost made me come off the table. I remember about five years ago when I was having thyroid issues (before I knew) I would break out all the time. One night at about 11PM my face swelled up - from lips down. It was GIANT- puffed out. They treated me at the hospital and when the swelling went down, it was still REALLY sore. Like even to the touch, like my skin had just taken all it could. That's how my right side feels, like it's been swollen and sick and suddenly it's back down to normal size, but it's really sore - right along my rib cage. I haven't had any other attacks and I've been eating relatively well - soup, light sandwiches with meat ONLY, I had fajitas one day with just grilled meat and tortillas ... nothing like cheese and all that. I have had apples and a lot of water - no hot sauce, no cheese, no fats ... I haven't touched fried foods or fatty foods and so far, so good. So that ALSO points me to gallbladder. NO GREASE either. Just... plain Jane foods.

I am terrified it will come back with something bad. I am also terrified of surgery - but then again, I feel AWFUL so I am thinking surgery will at least make that go away.

Everyone just keep me in your prayers. That I would CALM down more than anything. LOL