Sunday, April 3, 2011


Shame, SHAME Kroger!

In the Houston area ONLY, Kroger is discontinuing their double and triple coupons, as of April 13th. They said something CRAZY like since they offer the $.10 off a gallon of gas when you earn point and they have other money saving promotions, they don't feel the need to offer this coupon thing anymore. But it's ONLY in Houston. The Houston women and mom's are SO up in arms, they created a Facebook page. I am joining.


I know from the Betty White, SNL thing that Facebook can be a powerful weapon. More than being angry, I am curious as to whether this page will end up convincing Kroger to rethink their strategy. Everyone online ie saying they are switching to HEB and Wal-Mart. I am 100% on that plan.

Friday night I took all my coupons 50 cents and under (anything above that Kroger never doubled and tripled) and went to Kroger. I had $200 worth of groceries and household items ... and after my coupons and all the doubling and tripling, I walked out at $126. I USE those coupons, you know? I had a 50 cent coupon for the deodorant Conrad uses. It was $1.79 - after it doubled, I paid 79 cents. I mean that is a DEAL. I keep shampoo and deo and all that stuff stocked because I use the coupons at Kroger. We always have toothpaste and lotions and stuff on hand. I NEVER run out. Conrad loves that about me. He loves just reaching up in the cabinet and there's 6 shampoos and a bunch of soap. All of that might go down the drain now. (SOB)

LOSERS. That was probably my last great haul. It was probably my last trip to Kroger. HEB is cheaper anyway - they just didn't have those awesome coupon deals - but ....... I'm afraid Big K has lost my business. HEB, to me, has WAY better meat choices anyway. They must have 15 full time butchers. They are so creative and have so many different choices. The thing I DO love about HEB is their meal deals. Like, buy 1 lb of hamburger and get the buns, ketchup, a 2 liter and mustard for free. The problem is, sometimes I don't need more mustard and ketchup. When we have our house built with those big pantries, those deals will mean more to me. Here, I just have no room to store those things.

Anyway, if you are in Houston, this is your public service annoncement. Use your coupons before April 13th!