Friday, April 8, 2011


So as I started my fitness/Ireland preparation regimine I posted here (and on FB) a lot. I just wanted everyone to know before you got bored and abandoned my blog forever, I am NOT a gym rat and I'll stop talking about it so much. It takes 21 days to form a habit and I knew the first month was going to be brutal and I was apt to quit. People that work out and talk about it ALL DAY irritate the snot out of me. I was just trying to keep myself going, not turn into that person. I am SUPER proud that I have come so far and am doing so well and have made a committment and stuck to it - but I'm not going to drill it into your heads. I want to get back to decorating and reading and sharing you know, my crazy life and recipes, etc .... I just need a jumpstart and everyone has been SO NICE with the emails and FB posts and comments ...  I need you to keep it up!

If it wasn't for classes I wouldn't even go to the gym. I don't like the machines and getting on a treadmill bores me to tears. But it's been a month now- I've made some friends in my classes and I'm starting to try new things, you know- getting out of the pool.

So the decision is I want to post here once a week and just tell you what I did the week before. I just want to do a quick like accountability post- if I know people are watching me, then I will keep it up and keep telling you what I do - just not EVERYDAY.

I am going to say, for me, a week will be Monday-Sunday. So I will post Sunday evenings (or Monday mornings) with what I accomplished the week before... that will help me to see it and if I don't do it - then you guys can call me out and say WHAT'S UP LAZYBONES?!

I have done FABULOUS this week. I've been sore everyday, LOL - and I tried a new class last night. So you'll hear about it on Sunday. Today though- I am off to enjoy my vacation day. I took a day to hang out, have a facial, maybe cook something nice for tonight, get the house straightened up and kick off this weekend RIGHT!

Happy Spring to you all. Blessings ...



Tracy said...

Sounds good to me, girl! I will enjoy hearing about the different classes, it will help me decide on some for myself. For instance, I have thought about trying out something called "Hot Yoga".
Keep it up, we're with you...