Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sonogram Results

Gallstones, baby! and ... multiple! Darlene, you are a genius!

My gallbladder is contacted around them. I don't know what that means, but I know it hurts. I haven't been eating very much - I'm afraid too. So I have been getting by on an apple, some oatmeal and maybe a plain sandwich every day. I'm not even hungry really - once you feel that pain and multiple times, your need for food goes WAY down ... This is the best weight loss plan EVER. I am TERRIFIED of food. My love of burgers and enchiladas and pizza has gone right out the window. I look at them with suspicion and fear now. LOL -- and by the way, this has opened my eyes to little to no healthy choices at lunch. I have been at Luby's teething on grilled chicken, curled up in the corner, reading Decision Points by George W. -- he has kept me company through these sparce lunches the last few days. I did enjoy the steamed broccoli and the roll yesterday. Luby's has good rolls!

I have the name of a surgeon. I will be Googling him today to make sure he hasn't hacked up anyone on the table. No lawsuits, no unpaid baby mama's, no  jail time - you know the drill. Then I shall call him and start up the process. I am going to BEG him for surgery next week, but I don't know his timetable yet. While I was thinking about it last night I wrote down a lot of questions to ask so I would remember.

You know:
When can I eat again?
When can I have enchiladas again?
When can I workout again?
Can I work out now, before surgery?
How long will I be off work?
Will I have to spend the night in the hopsital?

Etc - I thought this was rather brilliant of me, at the time.

Anyway when I have more news to update you with I shall. Next Tuesday is my three year anniversary of marital bliss with Conrad. Who knew I was going to be drugged and cut open for the big day? CELEBRATION! I guess we will have to put off our yearly celebratory dinner. I would like to be able to eat.