Thursday, November 13, 2008

Weekend Toss Up

Well, so it wasn't just me- Conrad's mom called last night and said half of the family can't make it this weekend- they had made other plans and she still isn't feeling well- that cold got her too! .... so we are disappointed, but we know we will see them soon.

This sort of opens up the weekend I guess and I have NO idea what to do ... I have been wanting to go to the Renaissance Festival and this is really the last weekend we could have done it. I had been planning to go last Sunday when the Cowboys had their BYE week, but then Conrad went to IN that day .... so .... I don't know- maybe we'll go this weekend. Cowboys don't play until late Sunday anyway ... so it's a possibility.

We also may want to do a wee bit o' Christmas shopping. They seem to be having nice sales this weekend- so we can run out and knock out 20% of what's left- which isn't all that much. I love, love, love - I ordered mostly from there this year. One stop shop. I like it! Then we'll just be left with a small number of things.

OH! And yesterday we drew for our Secret Santa at work. Last year, if you remember, I drew my boss which was SCARY- but I did really well. This year I drew someone else, but I know her well, so I don't think it will be a problem. I am SO EXCITED and ready to get on with it- but it doesn't start until December 16th. *sigh* ...