Monday, November 17, 2008

Here's What I did

Ok ... so I was going on and on Friday about how to spend money this weekend.

I did get new pants. I bought two pair- one black and one navy. Classic colors, go with everything and will last forever ... I also got a pair of long yoga pants in black with a white stripe. I need SOMETHING to wear on the weekends that aren't sweats. These pants will last me for years ... promise. My capri ones have lasted for four right now. Then I went to Wal-Mart and got a pair of navy sweats (my old ones were over five years old and faded) for $6 - I figured on navy to go with all my Dallas Cowboys sweatshirts ... so there, my winter wardrobe re-vamp is complete!

I did go get my massage. Since I got Graves Disease it hurts to do anything. I can't find anywhere else where the cost for an hour massage is $50 - so it's money well spent and it really DOES help me out- so I went and did that. It was already paid for anyway ...

I also went to the library and stocked up on FREE entertainment and I did a very small amount of Christmas shopping. I found some cute and reasonable clothes for the youngest nephew. I just LOVE kids clothes ... don't want any kids, but I could pick clothes out for them all day. The boys stuff have the cutest cars and boats and trains all over them. Precious ... so I did that ...

I made a big pot roast on Saturday in the crockpot and we went to County Line last night for dinner. Always fun to go back to the scene of our marital vows. :) They have the BEST sausage!!!!

The pot roast turned out great. My secret is a packet of the Lipton onion soup. I always pour that in the with the roast and onions before I add anything else. PERFECTION. Brought some for lunch today.

Happy week before Thanksgiving! GO COWBOYS!