Friday, November 7, 2008

Give me a Break

If you read my post from yesterday, you can see there's a comment there. I have no idea who this person is ... but I start off this blog AGAIN today asking people to be less judgemental. I see from your comment that you are not a "liberal" ... so I assume you didn't vote for Obama. My question to you is, did I EVER say I did? No. I said let's stick to the facts, stop attacking and if you need to look for something good in this, then please look at how wonderful this is for our country, our world and yes, some of our friends..., "This" being making history ... I was VERY educated when I voted and I don't recall EVER saying on here one way or another who I voted for. So very kindly read my blog and reserve judgement or get off. I'm not an idiot. I don't make judgements based on what my "buddies" would like.

I sort of feel like my comments the last few days on this blog have left me feeling like one big, bloody, gaping wound. So many people in my life say I am emotional and sort of over the top. Most of the time it's funny, but I have a hard time sometimes handling bad news ... and I even take situations and stretch them out into the WORST possible scenarios to prepare myself- I can get worked up about NOTHING in 5 seconds flat ... you know what I DO like about Obama? I like his even-keeledness.Conrad has it too and I think life would be so much better for me if I had some of that. My resolution in 2009 should be for me to stop feeling guilty about EVERYTHING, so not be SO high and to not get SO low ... to let comments rolls off my back and stop wearing my feelings on my sleeve.

I'm happy it's Friday. It sort of feels like it's been a whirlwind week. I'm still hacking and coughing, but not as badly as before. We have a nice relaxing weekend up ahead. Kroger has their mega deal back, but this time with the $5 automatic rebate. I've made a list of the things I want to stockpile and I'm happy to say I have a LOT of coupons to go along with it. Should be a nice haul!

I've been put on a special project at work. I have one week of working my desk and the special project- 50/50 and then they have asked me to devote the rest of the month to the project. I actually did VERY well this week and I'm hoping it doesn't take the rest of the month to finish up. I think there is a certain comfort in coming in, sitting at your desk, going through your ritual and doing your job My ritual has been sort of upended and while that's completely fine, it throws me off. I guess I really AM a creature of habit ...

Happy weekend to you all.