Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

Conrad has been in Indianapolis for three days - I never advertise when he's gone because you're not supposed to put such things out in cyberspace. It's like HEY- I'm a woman alone at home- come and get me!!!!

Anyway- he's back and I had SO MANY plans for when he was gone. Some Christmas shopping for him, some closet reorganization ... and none of it really happened. I am so unbelievably stressed out ...

First of all - it's been raining in Houston for two days. When that happens you can COUNT on a 2-2.5 hour commute home. So far, it's been the truth. Also, Conrad's parents and sister and family are coming this weekend - for his dad's birthday. I THINK I've been given some things to do, but it's not really concrete- so I'm ACTUALLY not sure what I should have been doing all this time ... like making reservations, etc- and it doesn't really matter because I have had ZERO time to do it. I am so busy at work with my special project I don't have time to even go on at lunch and research such things. I'm going to have to email his mom today and tell her I've done absolutely nothing combined with Conrad being gone, the rain and work ... and I'm so sorry about that. The thing about Conrad being gone- I'm scared to be alone in the house and I don't sleep. So let's ad ZOMBIE to the mix ... I need things like coffee and toilet paper for the guests and haven't done that either. I've been getting home so late, Blanca has had accidents in the house. I mean I feel like I am at the end of my rope here - there has been no relaxing, no closet cleaning, no girl movies, no ANYTHING for these three days. Just stress, stress, stress.

Conrad called last night and I told him everything that has been going on. Thankfully, he can help me get to the store, Blanca should have no accidents today and if there is rain, I may pull off the road and just go shopping. I did a quick SCAN of the closet at least and I own exactly ONE pair of long pants. How pitiful is THAT?! I do, however have four new bras and five new pairs of underwear. I'm pretty sure they frown on that kind of attire at the office, but they DID say we will have casual Friday's in December- and how much more casual can you get?