Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well ...

Dinner was a bust again.

I do not KNOW what my problem is. Conrad said it was fine, but I thought it was gross. The pizza rolls were just a bad batch, in my opinion. The salad dressing I used was awful- honey french. I thought it would be sweet and nice. It was disgusting. I got up and threw the whole thing in the trash.

I had decided that maybe we should try to MAKE our Christmas money - we are doing GREAT sticking to a budget, but what if we try to earn the money in other ways than our daily jobs. So we are having a garage sale this weekend and I am hoping we make enough to cover the rest of the Christmas purchases ... wish us luck! So when dinner was awful, I just got up and started going through closets and pricing stuff ... by 9:30 I was starving, so I went to Wendy's to get a chicken wrap and small fry.

OMG, calling it food is NICE. It was swill- absolute pig slop. Those fries had been sitting there at LEAST an hour. I got so upset - I just went to bed. As I was ranting and railing, Conrad calmly sat in the living room working on his sodoku - that poor boy. I told him to avoid ANY scenes or incidents, we are going out tonight. I'm not happy about spending the money since the economy is scaring me - but clearly I need a break in the kitchen. Things are not going well. I lost my mojo or something ...

As for the economy, news came today that a recession IS imminent and will last until 2010. How fun. We can all worry about our jobs for another two years, watch our home values fall and try to figure out ways to eat. I CAN NOT WAIT. Sounds fabulous - the sure fire way to lose weight... also fertile ground to which to have a heart attack induced by stress. AWESOME.

I hope those Big Three CEO's had a nice comfy ride back home yesterday to Detroit in their nice private jets. I heard the hangars are so nice they can keep their cars in there - so when they get off the plane they can just get in their cars and drive away- good way to avoid the winter and the reporters. JERKS.