Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night I ruined dinner. When I ruin dinner, you can kiss the entire evening goodbye. Maybe I didn't RUIN it - but it's time to stop attempting with the stupid homemade pizzas. It was awful.

I had a crust I had gotten with my coupon- I had some spaghetti sauce I had gotten for free and some hamburger and cheese. I LOVE hamburger pizzas and I love the pizza they have at Papa John's that tastes like spaghetti sauce. When *I* make it, it's soggy and gross and weird.

So I got upset and told Conrad I was a bad wife and a bad cook and stomped off. He tries to convince me that the 5-6 dinners (chicken spaghetti, alfredo, mexican chicken cassarole, etc... )I have ruined in two years are nothing compared to the 400 great dinners I've made. WHATEVER. Men don't understand. It was a direct hit to my pride AND my budget ... AND we used the last trash bag throwing the thing away- so now I have to buy more. Grrrrrrr .... so he got irritated with me and went outside and I sat there and stewed about it- for various reasons ... Later on, since he refused to eat if I didn't - I ordered a pizza. The order was taken by a trainee. It was difficult to order with her because she had someone talking over her shoulder the entire time and all I heard was ... "Large, thin crust- WAIT ... ok, um large pizza with pepperoni and so now do you want the ... WAIT - HEY! What in the deal tonight? Chicken Wings? Ok - um, do you want the large pizza one topping with chicken wings for $16.99 ?" It was a NIGHTMARE. She was obviously "like" a um, "like" a teenager. UGH!

And of course, when the order was delivered, it was wrong ... I was so upset. I just stood there clenching and unclenching my fists. But we had to eat it. It was late, I had paid for it- I didn't want to call up there to get a new one and run the risk of them spitting in or something. So I just called the manager and told him that I was unhappy and I wanted a pizza comped for next time and he said no problem ... and put it in our account. Next time I guess we get hungry and don't feel like cooking- we'll get a free pizza - but REALLY we just get one for half price. I mean I still paid for this thing neither one of us really ate last night. ICK.

So the night was just ... interesting I guess .. not one of our best.

When I ruin dinner, I REALLY ruin dinner- the vestiages of my mood stretch out to even the pizza joint down the street. I'm powerful.



Tracy said...

I know exactly what you mean!! When I get home at night and am tired, hungry, and cranky, if ONE thing goes wrong it just ruins the evening.

I feel your pain... truly. And if you and Conrad didn't get irritated with one another every once in awhile, I would send the government over because you two would HAVE to be aliens....

BTW - the sweet little girl holding the barbie??? She used it to beat her cousin Bobby over the head about 2 hours later and it got taken away.... :)

Liz said...

I call that a Taco Bell night. :) We have plenty of those when I cook.