Friday, November 21, 2008


Finally a good dinner, YAY!

We decided on Chili's ... a big fat burger sounded good to me. I've been hungry for three days ...

So we get to Chili's and this was the conversation:

Menus arrive
K: Do you want an appetizer?
C: Sure, which one do you want?
K: Nachos or Spinach Dip
C: I'd prefer the nachos.
K: Ok (closing menu)
C: What are you getting?
K: Southern Burger
C: I think I'm going to get the buffalo chicken sandwich. I haven't had that in awhile.
K: You know, they have the buffalo chicken sliders.
C: Really? WHERE?
K: (shows Conrad on the menu)
C: Those look good
K: They are, I've had them.


K: We'll have the nachos for an appetizer and I'll have the Southern Burger with ranch on the side
C: I'll have a chicken caesar salad

Ok, SERIOUSLY!? Why do people do this? I looked at him across the table and he just grinned at me and said sorry, I changed my mind. In 3 seconds? WOW ... but it was funny. Just completely not what I expected to come out of his mouth. The waiter just laughed. I'm sure he sees that all the time ...

Then I went home and had a nice long bubble bath. I put in the peppermint bubbles. It's SO funny to me- Bath and Bodyworks sells these Christmas kits- with peppermint, sugar cookie, vanilla noel and gingerbread. You GIVE them to people FOR Christmas but the next day, Christmas is over. I don't know about you- but I'm not down with a gingerbread bath in February. So I normally put these away and then pull them out the week before Thanksiving and have a VERY happy month leading up to Christmas. Then I put on my Christmas tree fleece PJ's and had a very relaxing evening.

YAY me! I guess I got through that two day tunnel of darkness ... and emerged on the other side. Just in time to greet the people of my neighborhood tomorrow for our garage sale.